What does Anti-German mean?

The following text is translated from German. The original from Stephan Grigat can be found at Café Critique and was originally published as an op-ed in Die Presse on February 19, 2007.

Those Anti-Germans! For more than 15 years, they’ve been haunting political debates in Germany, and lately they started to appear in Austrian discussions. They are said to be racists. And warmongers. Friends of Bush (Translator’s Note: George W.) and admirers of Sharon. Some people think they are academic careerists, others nasty polemicists. The left hate them as they see them as liberal-conservative converts. The right don’t like them as Marxist. Where do these unpopular critics come from? What do they want?
The history of modern Anti-Germans begins at the end of the 80s, when fractions of the radical left recollected Jean Amèry who kept stressing that the left had to redefine itself in opposition to antisemitism and anti-Zionism since the Six-Day War in 1967. Over time, an independent current of sociocritical thinking emerged under permanent scrutiny of the German Homeland Security (TN: Verfassungsschutz), Austrian columnists or Japanese bloggers.

Politico-economical Constellation

The meaning of „German“ is seen through the lens of ideological critique in the context of Anti-German critique. It’s not dealing with a hereditary national character, but with a politico-economical constellation. It’s not about a specific mentality, but a particular form of capitalist socialization which however spawns „typically German“ social characters in turn.

There used to be a peculiar interrelationship between state and society in Germany and Austria which ultimately resulted in the Holocaust. This constellation can be dubbed „German“ as it emerged in Germany for the first time. But it is not a phenomenon which is historically or geographically confinable, hence it is neither limited to the German state nor the period of Nazism. The representation of „German“ is therefore generalizable. Ever since the specific German-Austrian crisis resolution model became a reality through annihilation and world war in the Third Reich, representatives of Islamic barbarism can be criticized as German ideologists in terms of ideological critique. They openly employ elements of Nazist ideology both historically and now for their implementation of the Ummah, the society of all Muslims.

This Ummah Socialism, as the murderous jihadist arson should be called due to its resemblance as well as in contrast to its Nazi prototype, poses an existential threat to Israel which is barely addressed in Europe. Anti-German critique expresses solidarity with Israel due to the insight that the world as it is currently constituted is perpetually reproducing antisemitism. Today, the nation of the Holocaust-survivors faces the problem that its military deterrence barely works anymore. How to deter antisemitic suicide bombers? How to threaten politicians like Iran’s former president Rafsanjani with retaliation, who speculated that the detonation of a nuclear bomb in proximity to Tel Aviv would be enough to wipe out Israel and the death of Millions of Iranians in consequence of retaliation would have to be put up with?

A military intervention for the weakening of the Iranian destructive potential could only be avoided, if it can be avoided at all, through the opposite of the current events, decisive economical and political pressure from all relevant nations. For this reason – not out of warmongering enthusiasm – Anti-German critique targets any appeasement of the protagonists of the jihadist-eliminationist antisemitism which was articulated through the attacks on the World Trade Center. The War on Terror is a war against Islamist fascism. It is criticized by Anti-Germans only if not waged and named as such.

Is racism towards people in the Arabic or Iranian sphere here? To the contrary, it would be racist to assume that clerical-fascist or pan-Arabic dictatorships represent the proper way of life for these people, and Islam is their intrinsic culture.

Gateway for Antisemitism

On top of that, are those Anti-Germans Marxists? To the contrary, they reactivate a former author of the New Free Press as well as Karl Marx himself and the Critical Theory of Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer against the havoc Marxism has been wreaking throughout the past 100 years in theory, but especially in practice. Of all the things, it is Marx‘ critique of political economy which must be rediscovered and turned against traditional Marxism, against Bolshevist and social democrat perversions, which have always been gateways for antisemitism and its geopolitical reproduction, anti-Zionism, in the left.

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